Outdoor kitchen with bar

The perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen and place to get together

Upgrade your outdoor space with our Roostr Bar. Treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary performance. While you prepare delicious BBQ dishes, your friends and family watch, making for an interactive and entertaining experience. The Roostr Bar is the ideal way to let your friends and family enjoy delicious meals in the open air.

Why choose a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen?

  • The outdoor kitchens are sustainably produced.
    Our modular outdoor kitchens are designed and produced CO2 neutral in the Netherlands.

  • The outdoor kitchens are resistant to all weather influences
    At Roostr we only choose the best materials, so our kitchens are resistant to water, frost, wind and UV radiation.

  • We provide high-level advice and service.
    We are happy to help you put together the ultimate outdoor kitchen. We aim to exceed your expectations.

We are convinced that an outdoor kitchen with a bar is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. The bar is available for both Rubix and Allure.

Roostr Rubix

Modular outdoor kitchen with bar

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Roostr Allure

Luxury outdoor kitchen with bar

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Discover the ideal bar module for your outdoor kitchen

The perfect addition for your backyard parties, barbecues, wonderful summer evenings and all other occasions! After a delicious meal, there is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing meal.

Roostr Rubix with bar module
The Rubix Bar is extremely efficient, because a bar takes up less space than a large dining table. The size is also less deep than the average dining table; length 148cm for 4 people or 224cm for 6 people. This way you can easily save space on your terrace. Whether you have a large or small terrace, a bar always fits.

The Rubix Bar is mounted at the same height as the kitchen. Partly thanks to the height of 90-93cm, the bar also provides an extra spatial effect. And because the kitchen, bar and bar stools differ in height from the rest of the terrace, this gives a playful look.

Roostr Allure with luxurious bar
Will your Allure be placed freely in the space? And do you want to make your outdoor kitchen the central place of the outdoor space? Then choose the Allure Bar and create a place where delicious food, fun and friends and family come together.

The Allure with Bar has an overhang of 30 cm and can also be installed without folding walls. Choose which back wall covering best suits your style. Use our 3D Configurator to visually create your ultimate outdoor kitchen and place it directly in your outdoor space.

Enjoy an outdoor kitchen with bar together

Discover how a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen with bar offers the perfect combination of functionality and fun, allowing you to effortlessly prepare delicious dishes while your guests enjoy the outdoors. Be surprised by the convenience of our innovative designs as you embrace the flavors of the outdoors with your loved ones. Whether you're grilling, roasting or simply relaxing with a delicious drink, our outdoor kitchens with bar are designed to enrich your culinary adventures and create unforgettable memories.

Looking for inspiration for delicious dishes? Look at our recipes

Enjoy a nice long dinner

Outdoor kitchen with bar

The Rubix Bar stands for conviviality, everyone agrees on that.

Do guests come over regularly? Then a bar is ideal for you! With the 3 different Dekton tops you always have a style that suits you. And with the optional wooden back, the Bar becomes an incredibly attractive addition to your terrace.

Put together your outdoor kitchen with bar yourself

Choose your desired Roostr outdoor kitchen, choose the desired frame size, and put together your outdoor kitchen with our 3D Configurator !

Roostr Rubix

Standalone or as an extension.

Price: from €2499

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Roostr Rubix Bar

Enjoy a nice long dinner.

Price: from €2797,-

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Roostr Allure

A culinary experience.

Price: from €11,596

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Frequently asked Questions

An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen that is placed outside the house, usually in the garden or on the terrace, and its purpose is to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor cooking. An outdoor kitchen can be equipped with various kitchen appliances, such as a barbecue, sink and tap, pizza oven, refrigerator and a worktop. A comfortable and practical place to cook and eat outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen provides all the amenities of a kitchen, but in the open air, and offers extra work and storage space around the BBQ. An outdoor kitchen also creates a pleasant and attractive environment for family and friends and increases the value of a house.

Direct na het bereiden van het eten, kan je samen met het gezelschap genieten van al het heerlijke eten. De bar dient als het hart van de tuin en waar iedereen bij elkaar kan komen.