Charcoal Black Edition

An ode to

Cooking with charcoal

We've been cooking with charcoal for centuries, a method that not only fueled human evolution but also inspired generations of chefs from countless cultures to manipulate ingredients with fire.

Fire was the center of a community and was an indispensable source of warmth, safety and nourishment.

It was the only means of preparing food, a skill that until now has only been reserved for humans.

Roostr Buitenkeuken koken met houtskool BBQ
Roostr Buitenkeuken koken met houtskool BBQ

A new ritual

This way of cooking brought new flavors and techniques.

It stimulated the physical structure of the ingredients. Salts, sugars and ingredients were strengthened, which changed the taste of the food.

It brought us together, which is still the basis of many cultural traditions to this day.

Roostr Buitenkeuken koken met houtskool BBQ

Rubix Charcoal Black Edition

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Rubix Single

Standalone or as an extension

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Rubix Duo

The ideal basis

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Roostr Buitenkeuken

Made in Holland

The Rubix outdoor kitchen system is designed and produced in a CO2-neutral manner in the Netherlands.

The system consists of a high-quality mix of materials. The combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel and a double-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan.