Outdoor kitchen with refrigerator

Experience the convenience of cooking outside with a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen

New in the Roostr Outdoor Kitchens collection, the outdoor refrigerator. Available for both our Rubix frames and the exclusive Allure outdoor kitchen line. A refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen not only makes outdoor cooking more convenient and efficient, but it also enriches your outdoor cooking experience. It's a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys cooking and being outdoors.

Why choose a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen?

  • The outdoor kitchens are sustainably produced.
    Our modular outdoor kitchens are designed and produced CO2 neutral in the Netherlands.

  • The outdoor kitchens are resistant to all weather influences
    At Roostr we only choose the best materials, so our kitchens are resistant to water, frost, wind and UV radiation.

  • We provide high-level advice and service.
    We are happy to help you put together the ultimate outdoor kitchen. We aim to exceed your expectations.

We are convinced that an outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Discover here why a refrigerator enriches your outdoor cooking experience.

Configure your outdoor kitchen yourself with our 3D Configurator . Choose your desired outdoor kitchen model and create your ideal outdoor kitchen.

Advantages of an outdoor kitchen with refrigerator


Vegetables, meat, sauces and other cooking necessities within reach while cooking with the help of a refrigerator. Keep all ingredients wonderfully fresh.

Convenience & Efficiency

An outdoor refrigerator provides instant access to chilled drinks and ingredients, making your cooking process smoother and giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors.


An outdoor refrigerator adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor kitchen. It not only looks chic, but it is also functional. It makes your outdoor cooking experience more social and fun.

Enjoy one together

Outdoor kitchen with refrigerator

Imagine: it is a beautiful day, with a lovely sun in the garden. There is a light breeze and you can enjoy the wonderful warm rays of sunshine. And the best? The refreshing delicious drinks, ice creams or cold dishes are within reach thanks to the Roostr outdoor refrigerator.

Need inspiration for delicious dishes? View our recipes .

An outdoor kitchen with refrigerator creates coziness, invites you to get together and provides unforgettable moments with friends and family. And all this in the garden and in the open air.

Put together your outdoor kitchen with refrigerator yourself

Choose your desired Roostr outdoor kitchen, choose the desired frame size, and put together your outdoor kitchen with our 3D Configurator !

Roostr Rubix

Standalone or as an extension.

Price: from €2499

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Roostr Allure

A culinary experience.

Price: from €11,596

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Frequently asked Questions

The refrigerator is splash-proof and suitable for outdoor use. However, the refrigerator that is not under a canopy must be covered with a waterproof cover . If the refrigerator is under a roof, this is sufficient protection for the refrigerator.

An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen that is placed outside the house, usually in the garden or on the terrace, and its purpose is to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor cooking. An outdoor kitchen can be equipped with various kitchen appliances, such as a barbecue, sink and tap, pizza oven, refrigerator and a worktop. A comfortable and practical place to cook and eat outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen provides all the amenities of a kitchen, but in the open air, and offers extra work and storage space around the BBQ. An outdoor kitchen also creates a pleasant and attractive environment for family and friends and increases the value of a house.



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