Flexible cooking on gas

Discover the ideal gas module for your outdoor cooking experience

Meet Roostr Rubix Duo Gas

Experience the pleasure of cooking outdoors with Roostr Rubix Duo Gas. Our latest innovation in outdoor cooking. The essential element of this outdoor kitchen is the built-in gas barbecue, which guarantees speed, precision and effortless grilling.

With its functional design, the Rubix outdoor kitchen not only offers a high-quality cooking experience, but also an aesthetic statement in your outdoor space. The outdoor kitchen invites you to gather with family and friends and enjoy in style.

Roostr rubix

Duo Gas Module

The Rubix Duo Gas offers a range of choices, including drawers in wooden or black finish, the option between wheels or adjustable feet, and the option to expand the outdoor kitchen with a handy folding table, hook set, gourmet container set or easily connect the Duo Gas with our other outdoor kitchen modules.

The gas model is suitable for the best used model of the most common brands such as Bull, Santos, Napoleon, Broil King and Beef Eater.

Preference for another brand? On request we also supply other brands for the Rubix Duo Gas.

Cooking outside on OneQ

Cooking on gas is cooking with ease. You can control the heat very precisely and easily see whether the heat is too high or too low.


OneQ systeem

The built-in gas modules from OneQ give you the ultimate freedom to choose a gas barbecue, a wok burner, a teppanyaki plate or a combination thereof.

All OneQ modules are interchangeable, so you use the same opening for all different gas solutions.

Roostr one Q_systeem


All OneQ modules are built into our selection of Dekton worktops.

Placing and connecting the gas bottle is easy in the cupboard space under the OneQ module.

Gas burners from Pitt Cooking

Meet Pitt Cooking. Gas burners integrated directly into your favorite worktop. Cook efficiently, cook on a powerful and controlled fire and there is enough space for all your pans. Simmer for hours, stir-fry over high heat or quickly boil some water – every cooking technique comes into its own when using Pitt Cooking. A perfect combination of functionality and design. Pitt Cooking, just like Roostr's outdoor kitchens, is produced in the Netherlands.

Choose your ideal Pitt Cooking cooking setup:

Pitt Cooking

Outdoor Kit A

Single burner models: Akan, Altar, Azuma & Air

Pitt Cooking

Outdoor Kit B

Models with 2 burners: Baluran, Bennet, Baula & Bely

Pitt Cooking

Outdoor Kit C

Models with 2 burners: Baluran, Bennet, Baula & Bely

Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano was designed by a passion for quality, an eye for design and the Italian way of life has inspired them to keep improving and innovating.

The Fulgor Milano built-in barbecue is equipped with two stainless steel grids and has 2 tubular gas burners, with a total power of approximately 7.6 kW. The arrangement of the burners allows you to separate the cooking zones and easily use different temperatures.

gas module

Fulgor Milano

Made in Holland

The Rubix outdoor kitchen system is designed and produced in a CO2-neutral manner in the Netherlands.

The system consists of a high-quality mix of materials. The combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel and a double-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan for the outdoor kitchen.


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Configure your outdoor kitchen with gas module yourself

Choose your desired frame size and put together your outdoor kitchen with our 3D Configurator!

Rubix Single

Standalone or as an extension.

Price: from €2499

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Rubix Duo

The ideal basis.

Price: from €3499

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Meestgestelde vragen

The kamado barbecue is a traditional Japanese cooking appliance made of ceramic and is ideal for trying out different cooking techniques and preparing delicious dishes. Kamado barbecues can reach extremely high temperatures, allowing you to prepare all kinds of food on them. The Kamado barbecue can also be used to smoke food for a deep, woody flavor.

The Big Green Egg is one of the most popular and beloved barbecues and an absolute asset to your garden or terrace. Would you like to combine your outdoor kitchen with a Green Egg? Roostr's outdoor kitchens work with all common sizes from Big Green Egg, among others. You can easily choose the right size for your Big Green Egg BBQ via the 3D Configurator.

Elk BBQ is anders, en daarom moetje altijd goed kijken welk BBQ je aanschaft en voor welke plek in jouw buitenverblijf. De buitenkeukens van Roostr in combinatie met een Kamado BBQ kan het gehele jaar lang buiten blijven staan. In weer en wind. De binnenkant van de BBQ mag uiteraard niet nat worden, met een natte grill kan je niet gemakkelijk beginnen

Grilltemperatuur op het rooster:

Gemiddeld wordt een gasbarbecue tussen de 170-230 °C. Wees altijd voorzichtig, gebruik altijd beschermende handschoenen en wees alert met kinderen.

Wanneer je gedwongen bent om te koken onder een overkapping, kies dan een barbecue met de minste rookontwikkeling, dit is de veiligste optie. In de meeste gevallen is dit een elektrische barbecue.

Speciaal voor dit probleem bieden wij onze buitenkeuken met wielen aan, zodat je het barbecue gedeelte van je buitenkeuken naar buiten kan verrijden.