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Discover all worktops for the Roostr Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen from Roostr is an outdoor kitchen with a high-quality worktop, which radiates luxury and elegance. Experience the comfort of our branded worktops and create your own style of outdoor kitchen.

Why choose a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen?

  • The outdoor kitchens are sustainably produced.
    Our modular outdoor kitchens are designed and produced CO2 neutral in the Netherlands.

  • The outdoor kitchens are resistant to all weather influences
    At Roostr we only choose the best materials, so our kitchens are resistant to water, frost, wind and UV radiation.

  • We provide high-level advice and service.
    We are happy to help you put together the ultimate outdoor kitchen. We aim to exceed your expectations.

At Roostr we offer two brands of worktops: Florim and Dekton. Discover the features, colors and styles of both brands of worktop here.

Properties of our worksheets

Dekton, the ultimate outdoor worktop

With a Dekton worktop you don't have to worry about stubborn stains from, for example, grease, wine and rust. Dekton has a very high UV and heat resistance (up to 250 °C), so you can place a hot grill pan on your worktop without any worries.

For the Roostr Rubix we have made a selection of 3 colors of Dekton: Sirius, Kreta and Laurent. More colors are available from Dekton for the Allure outdoor kitchen. Would you like a Rubix with a different color of Dekton? Question one quotation with 3D proposal .

Inlay Sirius

The Sirius worktop has a deep dark black color with a rough appearance and finish (Wave).

Inlay Crete

The Crete worktop has a gray base color reminiscent of concrete.

A pleasant and calm composition gives the kitchen a sturdy appearance.

Inlay Laurent

The Laurent worktop is a beautiful dark stone that radiates pure luxury.

The surface is decorated with numerous golden brown veins that give the whole a great appearance.

Florim, bring the luxury from the inside out

Create the luxury of an indoor kitchen with Roostr Allure now also in the outdoor kitchen, and extend your living room outside. With the same properties as Dekton, Florim work balls are perfect for outdoor use. With its excellent UV and heat resistance up to 250 °C, you can place a hot grill pan directly on the worktop without worry.

Florim worktops are available for the Roostr Allure outdoor kitchen. Would you like a worksheet from Florim in the Roostr Rubix? Question one quotation with 3D proposal .

Florim worksheet

Mountain Peak

The Mountain Peak worktop has a beautiful marble look combined with warm colors, which makes the top really stand out.

Our kitchens are equipped with a veinmatch top, where the vein structure continues seamlessly into the side. A subtle detail that is not only visually stunning, but also shows craftsmanship.

Choose the perfect finish that suits your style and preferences. Go for timeless elegance with a glossy finished top or opt for a modern look with a matt finished top.

Visit our showroom

Would you like to admire all worksheets in real life and/or receive tailor-made advice? Visit our showroom or visit one of our dealers near you. Our office is located in the bustling Capelle aan den IJssel, close to Rotterdam, where we enjoy working on the future of Roostr Outdoor Kitchens.

Make an appointment by telephone or email to visit our office and we will ensure that the coffee is ready.

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Put together your outdoor kitchen with worktop yourself

Choose your desired Roostr outdoor kitchen, choose the desired frame size, worktop and put together your outdoor kitchen with our 3D Configurator !

Roostr Rubix

Standalone or as an extension.

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Roostr Allure

A culinary experience.

Price: from €11,596

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